“Have fun with Barry”, my house-mate shouts to me as I leave the house at 7am with my protein shake in hand. Sadly, Barry wasn’t part of my wild morning, but a trip to the brand spanking new Barry’s Bootcamp in West London certainly was! Barry’s Bootcamp originated in LA… View Post

Apparently I like to make it my mission when visiting a new city, to do the rounds of all of the best healthy eating haunts. So naturally, when in Amsterdam, that’s exactly what I did… That’s the typical thing to do in Amsterdam, right? I had hunted high and low… View Post

How often do you attend a party just because you feel like you have to? How often do you jam-pack your week when all you really crave is a quiet night in by yourself? I will hold up my hands and say I am guilty of cramming in too much… View Post

Spinning is definitely not something I ever thought I would admit to loving. In fact, I still remember my first ever spin class and coming off the bike unable to walk, telling myself that I would never put myself through that torture ever again. I even rolled my eyes when… View Post

  Skin care is definitely something that I now consider extremely important, especially after years of donning the “hospitality smile”, those little wrinkles creeping up on me have got to be told what’s what. My routine has stayed pretty solid for over a year now and I have definitely noticed… View Post