For some reason September really intimidates me. I am already mourning the loss of our longer, lighter and warmer evenings and whilst everyone else seems to be getting excited about wearing jumpers again (who are these crazy people?) I am holding on to all things Summer related. Perhaps it stems… View Post

Sometimes it can be a real issue staying healthy, especially if most of your day is sat in an office or sitting down. It’s just too easy to get to the end of the day and reach for quick and easy comforts especially when you’re feeling exhausted and you’ve dribbled… View Post

Finally in my mid-twenties, I have overcome the fear of baring my fresh face to the world and am no longer scarred by the thought of people seeing me without makeup on. I genuinely used to have to hide my face if I ever saw someone I vaguely knew when… View Post

  This weekend, I spent four fabulous days getting lost and swept away by the magic of Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire. Honestly (as I’m not that cool) I hadn’t actually heard of Wilderness until I was asked to come for the weekend and I’m beyond glad I jumped at the… View Post