Friends, it’s happened again. I’ve become utterly obsessed with a breakfast combo and can’t seem to shake the habit and quite frankly don’t want to. I’ve been making this concoction almost daily for the past 2 months and it honestly sets me up for the day like no other. High… View Post

I may or may not be completely obsessed with this recipe and am definitely going to make them year round (chocolate is for life not just for Easter, friends).  The ideal little treat when you feel like eating something indulgent without the sugar crash and the recipe is easily adaptable… View Post

I’ve recently been craving crunchy things like nobody’s business and have more often than not, devoured an entire bag of crisps on my walk home from the shops (absolutely no self control).  Chickpeas are such a versatile ingredient and act as a great protein source so I thought why not… View Post

Protein is something I’m consciously making an effort to add to every meal and it’s definitely a food source we need to not be scared of as women. There are such negative connotations surrounding it and so many women I know are often scared to have a protein shake or… View Post