I may or may not be completely obsessed with this recipe and am definitely going to make them year round (chocolate is for life not just for Easter, friends).  The ideal little treat when you feel like eating something indulgent without the sugar crash and the recipe is easily adaptable… View Post

Pancake Day is hands down one of my favourite days of the year (that and Easter) so I get pretty excited when it draws near. Growing up, pancakes were always a huge deal in my house and I’m pretty sure my mum could still whip anyone’s tush at perfecting the… View Post

Mug cakes first came into my life when I was too lazy to make a real cake and wanted a quick fix. I opted for a recipe loaded with sugar and white flour and which didn’t do much goodness for my body and PCOS… in fact it probably did the… View Post

We’re all a sucker for seasonal food and drink (and so we should be with buying produce) and it’s always a welcome treat when you get to eat everything that’s Pumpkin flavoured in Autumn, right? However, the typical “Pumpkin spiced” products that nations go crazy for at this time of… View Post

Pitaya is storming its way into the healthy food scene, with endless Pitaya smoothie bowls becoming the must have in health cafes and instagram snaps and they sure do look the prettiest of them all! Pitaya, also known as Dragon Fruit, is actually the fruit of a cactus plant and… View Post