You may or may not have heard about Wayne’s Coffee but they’re kind of a big deal chain in Sweden and elsewhere on the continent and are opening their first London franchise this December! I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peek into some of their menu and products… View Post

Pancakes have to be one of my favourite things to eat in the mornings- especially when I’ve got a little more time. Recently, I’ve been playing around with making them as nutritious as they are delicious and have been paying a lot more attention to my gut health.  You may… View Post

  I’m never usually a lover of Autumn, but this year I’m really trying to embrace it and learn to love it. I’ve been super busy these past few weeks doing my Yoga Teacher Training, which has been overwhelmingly exhausting but so incredible! It feels amazing to be learning so… View Post

It’s very easy to get caught up in the tourist traps when visiting a new place, especially one as fast paced and bustling as Marrakech. I’m no expert but after spending 6 days in this gloriously vibrant city, we quickly discovered (through trial and error) how to make the most… View Post

  It’s not often I venture into the suited realms of the city but I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the wonderful Ned twice this Summer and just had to share its glory with you all! On both visits I ate at the incredible Malibu Kitchen which is a Californian… View Post