“Have fun with Barry”, my house-mate shouts to me as I leave the house at 7am with my protein shake in hand. Sadly, Barry wasn’t part of my wild morning, but a trip to the brand spanking new Barry’s Bootcamp in West London certainly was! Barry’s Bootcamp originated in LA… View Post

Spinning is definitely not something I ever thought I would admit to loving. In fact, I still remember my first ever spin class and coming off the bike unable to walk, telling myself that I would never put myself through that torture ever again. I even rolled my eyes when… View Post

Sometimes it can be a real issue staying healthy, especially if most of your day is sat in an office or sitting down. It’s just too easy to get to the end of the day and reach for quick and easy comforts especially when you’re feeling exhausted and you’ve dribbled… View Post

  This weekend I was invited to Ethos Foods  to try their new brunch menu on a Sunday. I’ve been a fan of Ethos for quite some time and can devour their delicious plant based all day long! The concept of ethos makes it so simple to eat well and in… View Post

One of my favourite places in London is hands down South Kensington and Chelsea. The beautiful streets just make you think you are in a film set and as my favourite film is The Parent Trap (absolutely no shame), I get excited to find houses like ‘7 Pembroke Green’. Anyway,… View Post