It’s very easy to get caught up in the tourist traps when visiting a new place, especially one as fast paced and bustling as Marrakech. I’m no expert but after spending 6 days in this gloriously vibrant city, we quickly discovered (through trial and error) how to make the most… View Post

Sunshine, great food and wonderful company, what more could you ask for from a long weekend in Marrakech? This weekend my gorgeous friends and I took to the busy streets of Marrakech for a weekend of rest and relaxation and endlessly good food! Honestly, Marrakech had never really appealed to… View Post

Apparently I like to make it my mission when visiting a new city, to do the rounds of all of the best healthy eating haunts. So naturally, when in Amsterdam, that’s exactly what I did… That’s the typical thing to do in Amsterdam, right? I had hunted high and low… View Post

Last week, my friends and I set off on an adventure to the wonderful land of Ice… Iceland! I have always wanted to go to Iceland and since reading Phillip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ Trilogy, it has been a life long dream to see The Northern Lights, so I was… View Post

Whenever I’m ill or feeling run down, I always turn to food first to cure me. I absolutely hate the idea of popping pills as soon as I feel the slightest of headaches. Your body is speaking to you to slow down or change something and usually the cause of… View Post