I completely and utterly (and very accidentally) fell in love with the yoga practice about 7 years ago when I got bored of my student gym. Since then, I have jumped into different styles and practices of yoga and have most importantly taken my love to finding where my body feels happiest and healthiest. Yoga to me, isn’t about bashing out a handstand every day so that you can impress others, but rather giving your body some time to delve inwards and strengthen not only your muscles but mind too. 

In December 2017, I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and an now teaching all over London. I teach a strong yet soft and playful vinyasa flow with an emphasis on the importance of moving with breath and intention. I encourage my students to find a personal practice in each class and to strive towards moving in a way that feels good rather than looks good. My light hearted humor allows for a bright energy in all of my classes. Some postures I teach may be strong but all levels are welcome and encouraged to practice at their own pace.