Coconut Coffee Scrub


My coconut coffee scrub is one of my few skincare routines and it is an absolute God send. I have been using it for about a year and a half and every time I do, I feel like a snake that has shed its old skin and is now modelling a slinky new one! (Trust me it’s really great).

I was seeing so many people using expensive branded coffee scrubs that I thought I may as well make my own one, and the results were so much better than I ever expected!

It’s so simple to make with just 4 ingredients and lasts for up to 2 weeks.

I usually do the scrub about once or twice a week.

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(Yep that’s me in an outdoor shower… pouting… with coffee on my face).


1/2 cup  ground coffee
3 tbsp melted coconut oil
1 tbsp rock salt


1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl.

2. When in the shower or bath, turn off the water and massage the scrub all over your skin.

3. Sing a few songs and then wash off.

4. Be careful to rinse off all excess scrub, especially if you have crisp white towels!


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