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Hi, I’m Sarah

A passionate and engaged yoga teacher, founder of “At Home with Sarah” & co-host of the podcast “Kitchen Club”. I accidentally fell in love with the yoga practice 10 years ago, whilst at University, as a way to land and ground myself daily into how I was feeling, letting myself very honestly check in.

At age 24 I was diagnosed with PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome which massively transformed my lifestyle and began my journey into taking care of my body as a whole and living more mindfully.

I now teach yoga online on my members platform, in London, & globally on retreats. I am constantly reminded by the beauty & connectivity of the yoga practice & the ability to build community no matter where you are. I also continue to play “student” to the yoga practice and am constantly learning myself.

I am a 400 hour Yoga Alliance qualified yoga teacher specialising in Vinyasa flow, slow flow & meditation. Coming from a very ‘inflexible’ background, I absolutely adore the way yoga allows me to celebrate my body for what it is and not what’s expected of it. I teach a strong yet soft and playful vinyasa flow with an emphasis on the importance of moving with breath and intention. In all of my classes, I encourage my students to find a personal practice in each class and to strive towards moving in a way that feels good rather than looks good. My light hearted humor allows for a bright energy in the class and my classes are always welcome to all levels of yogi, from complete beginner to experienced.

I welcome all levels of yogis to my classes, from beginner to advanced; everyone is welcome.

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