I’m never usually a lover of Autumn, but this year I’m really trying to embrace it and learn to love it. I’ve been super busy these past few weeks doing my Yoga Teacher Training, which has been overwhelmingly exhausting but so incredible! It feels amazing to be learning so… View Post

Lately I have been really craving lots of flavour and spice so last week I decided to make a healthy Sri-Lankan curry spread for my pals. On the menu was a chicken curry, delicious dhal, coconut sambol, cauliflower cardamom rice and these Rotis sent from heaven! I was so obsessed… View Post

This is the type of meal that you absolutely don’t want to end. I was sitting here eating it and genuinely making noises to myself about how good it was…. no shame. It was an absolute party for my taste buds and I could eat it over and over again… View Post