At the start of the year I was seriously struggling with my sleep; something I never really thought I would as I am a huge fan. But I spent nights tossing, turning and grinding my teeth, which resulted in carrying even more tension in to my day which then again… View Post

Pesto Pasta used to be one of my all time favourite comfort foods and pretty much got me through my entire student existence. So as soon as I can rustle up something with pesto, I’m instantly transported to comfort. These days, comfort for me takes shape in fresh veg and… View Post

Last weekend I ventured to West London’s newest hot spot, the third branch of Instagram sensation, ‘Farm Girl’ for Sunday Brunch. As a huge lover of the iconic Notting Hill branch, I was keen to head down to see if the fuss what all the fuss was about and it… View Post

This year, I am so thrilled to be partnering up with Mortimer House to bring you my Yoga & Brunches. The first two were such a huge success and I’m so excited to have so many more of you coming, but first here’s a little snippet into how we got… View Post

  Last week, I was joined by my gorgeous friend Jess Moses, from the stunning @freshlysnapped, for a morning of Yoga & Nanabowls. Jess and I used to work together at Deliciously Ella before we both went our own ways. Jess went on to follow her love for smoothie bowls, starting… View Post