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I regularly get asked what I do to keep my teeth so pearly white, and although I did the awful thing of using bleaching strips when I was younger, now my secret is just due to my one and only best friend… coconut oil.

I am a firm believer in coconut oil can fix any problem and it has yet to fail me in any test i’ve put it up to, from hair to skin issues, coconut oil has always got my back.

I started using it to ‘oil pull’ about a year ago and really started to notice a change in my sparkle factor. Not only does it have a whitening effect on your teeth but it is also fantastic for oral hygiene, reducing the amount of harmful bacteria and plaque build up in your mouth. I also find that with a diet high in chia seeds, it is extremely important to clean your teeth properly so that nothing it left for later. Coconut Oil helps to swish all this out, making it easier to clean your teeth!

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I use coconut oil every morning when I’m in the shower and use it simply like a mouth wash but before brushing my teeth. Taking 1 tbsp of coconut oil, you swish it around your mouth for about 10-15 minutes (or as long as you have time for) and then spit it out before cleaning your teeth as normal.

Take a snap of your teeth before using coconut oil and then another after 2 weeks of using it and see if you notice a difference!

You can also buy flavoured sachets from Coco White but for me, I find it easier to just use it straight from my tub of Lucy Bee!


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