Roasted vegetables have to be one of my favourite Winter comfort foods. They go hand in hand with cosy, relaxing Sundays and somehow feel wonderfully indulgent even when they are so good for us! This recipe actually came from  a “what do I have to use up in the fridge?”… View Post

I recently made this delicious salad with my friend when I went to her Polish barbecue and was so excited by it! It may sound like an extremely odd combination but somehow works so well together, especially in this hot, humid weather. I am forever a cinnamon addict and welcome… View Post

Lately I have been really craving lots of flavour and spice so last week I decided to make a healthy Sri-Lankan curry spread for my pals. On the menu was a chicken curry, delicious dhal, coconut sambol, cauliflower cardamom rice and these Rotis sent from heaven! I was so obsessed… View Post

Pesto Pasta is one of those ultimate comfort food meals and one that I think speaks to the soul. It was always my go-to at University when I couldn’t be bothered to cook anything interesting (the extent of my meals were usually a bag of pre-packed veg and a pre-made… View Post