Banana bread has to be one of my ultimate baked obsessions. I remember coming home from school to my mum baking fresh banana bread for us to dive into with our sticky mitts and it was just the best treat! I absolutely love the versatility of it and how… View Post

Did I tell you I’m a fan of porridge? Lately, I cannot get enough of a warming bowl of the stuff especially when I jazz it up with added veg and goodness. These oats are very similar to my courgette oats but made with grated carrot and a few more… View Post

Lately I have been really craving lots of flavour and spice so last week I decided to make a healthy Sri-Lankan curry spread for my pals. On the menu was a chicken curry, delicious dhal, coconut sambol, cauliflower cardamom rice and these Rotis sent from heaven! I was so obsessed… View Post

Pesto Pasta is one of those ultimate comfort food meals and one that I think speaks to the soul. It was always my go-to at University when I couldn’t be bothered to cook anything interesting (the extent of my meals were usually a bag of pre-packed veg and a pre-made… View Post