Kitchen Club Podcast

I’m SO excited to share the project that has been taking up most of my time; my new PODCAST, KITCHEN CLUB!

I’ve partnered up with my lovely friend Serena Louth and together invite you to join Kitchen Club. The club where everyone’s welcome. Our new podcast that brings you honest, topical conversations around the kitchen table with no boundaries. Each week brings a new guest, a new area of expertise for them to dive into and a new recipe, based on their guest’s all time three favourite ingredients.

Serena and I both come from a background in recipe development and yoga so the podcast brings a perfect place to harmonise their love of food and wellness in one place.

Ahead of recording each podcast, we ask our guests to challenge us to their personal “Healthy Habit”; something that they use daily to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing which we then put to the test before diving deeper into each habit and feeding back. 
Expect chats from sex and periods, to yoga, mental health & starting a business. Join us in our Kitchen Club as we learn, eat and chat together. We can’t wait to have you listening…

*top ten health & fitness podcast on itunes*

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