Travel to Provence

My mum and I used to have a tradition that every year we would go off exploring for a long weekend. Sometimes it was in the UK and sometimes it was further afield, but no matter where it was, I always returned feeling very grounded, reconnected and usually with very sore feet. (My mum likes to walk A LOT).

A trip was very long overdue so we decided to get booking something together. After deciding we couldn’t rely on English weather, we found cheap flights to Nice & booked a 1 bed apartment in the small, hillside, extremely picturesque village of Vence.

We chose not to hire a car, so we wouldn’t feel we had to explore everywhere (my mum and I are very similar when it comes to trying to do TOO much) and instead, we relied on our trusty feet & public transport to get around.

We spent 3 days exploring the countryside, hiking from Vence to St Paul De Vence & also heading along the coast to beautiful Antibes.

Lots of bread, lots of rosé wine, 8+ hours of sleep a night and a whole lot of reconnecting to both the earth, myself and my lovely mum. 


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