5 ways to have a healthier day

Sometimes it can be a real issue staying healthy, especially if most of your day is sat in an office or sitting down. It’s just too easy to get to the end of the day and reach for quick and easy comforts especially when you’re feeling exhausted and you’ve dribbled on the sweaty tube home and all you want is a giant bowl of pasta and ice cream (these are things I normally crave.. and broccoli). But then you realise that you’ve been sitting down all day from tube seat (lucky you) to office chair and haven’t acknowledged what your body really needs at all. You promise yourself that tomorrow will be a healthier day and you’ll eat your required veg and feel great, but then you wake up exhausted from not fuelling yourself properly the day before, and so begins the vicious cycle.

So here are 5 simple tips to get you motivated and feeling healthier everyday in the city…



    Keeping hydrated is so so important! Often thirst is mistaken for hunger which can lead to over eating or reaching for sugary drinks to quench your thirst. Stick with water, it does what it says. It’s also my number 1 headache tablet! I always leave a 1L bottle of water next to my bed when I go to sleep and I drink the entire thing when I wake up… that’s one litre out of the way!
    I know this sounds obvious but I often get off a few stops earlier on the tube or instead of switching lines I will walk the extra distance and it makes my commute to work or play so much more enjoyable! You spend less time squished up in other people’s sweaty armpits plus you get some you time, an added explore of a new neighbourhood perhaps and some bonus cardiovascular… absolutely winning! I also have become quite fond of my phone pedometer. It’s so interesting to see how many steps you take on an average day and then you can up it each day and see where you get!
  3. ZOATS!
    If porridge is your go to breakfast then you’d be silly to miss out on this little trick. Adding courgette (yes, courgette) to your bowl of great grains means you’ve already nailed 1 portion of veg before you’ve even thought about it. Add some toppings such as banana and berries and bam, you’re nailing life! They don’t add any taste or texture so you don’t need to panic. Find zoats recipes here: Turmeric spiced Zoats & Chocolate Chai Zoats
    This is so imperative to good health and even though I’ve always been a massive breakfast fan, I always make sure my breakfast sets me up for the rest of my day. Your body has been fasting for 8-10 hours over night so it is so important that what you fuel yourself with first thing will get your body going in the right way. Start your day with protein and good complex carbs (yes carbs are fruit and veg too) which will keep your insulin levels balanced and allow your body to release energy slowly. My go-to breakfasts are usually zoats, chia seed puddings or green smoothies.
    I remember the days where I couldn’t even sit down properly with my legs out. My hamstrings were so unbelievably tight that I just gave in to the fact that I’m not a flexible person and never will be. Well yoga kicked that idea out of the park didn’t it!? It is absolutely incredible what a bit of light yoga and stretching can do for not only your body but your mind too. If going to a yoga class scares you senseless then try a home practice (hello yoga with adriene) or even just simple stretches and a few deep, mindful breaths every morning and evening. Acknowledge how your body starts to feel and take note. Stretchy time is my favourite time of the day 🙂



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