Friends, it’s happened again. I’ve become utterly obsessed with a breakfast combo and can’t seem to shake the habit and quite frankly don’t want to. I’ve been making this concoction almost daily for the past 2 months and it honestly sets me up for the day like no other. High… View Post

Protein is something I’m consciously making an effort to add to every meal and it’s definitely a food source we need to not be scared of as women. There are such negative connotations surrounding it and so many women I know are often scared to have a protein shake or… View Post

Pancake Day is hands down one of my favourite days of the year (that and Easter) so I get pretty excited when it draws near. Growing up, pancakes were always a huge deal in my house and I’m pretty sure my mum could still whip anyone’s tush at perfecting the… View Post

Turmeric Latte’s make many appearances in my day to day life, both for their endless health benefits and due to the fact that they make me feel as though I’m drinking liquid sunshine. If you follow my Youtube channel (it’s still a baby right now), you’ll know that I whip… View Post

As Winter elbows its way into our lives, I am becoming more and more reliant on a warming bowl of Porridge to ease me out of the depths of my cosy bed and into the grey, dark mornings. In fact, I’m pretty obsessed with Porridge at the moment and have… View Post