How I escape the speed of the city

What would you rather… Live forever in the mountains, unable to see the sea, or live forever by the sea, unable to climb a mountain?

As much as I love the mountains, my answer always returns to the sea. Where I feel my most free, my most alive.

Living in a city like London can be really tough. There is so much stimuli every single day. So many sounds, smells & to-do lists to be confronted with that sometimes it can feel overwhelmingly hard to feel grounded, connected & open.

When I have these moments, these days, these weeks, I listen to my body. I feel the pent up energy inside me start to cry out for less. For quiet, for peace, for something a little slower & I take myself off to the coast & swim. Perhaps not even swim (I’m not that brave in colder months), but just to feel my toes in the sea & on the sand, brings me back down to earth. To grounding & rooting & connecting.

Last weekend, I felt this need to connect build up & we escaped to the Suffolk coast. It was blustery, it was salty & it was powerful. It was everything my little heart needed & more. Wearing Nike Swim.

How do you escape the noise of the city?



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