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Skin care is definitely something that I now consider extremely important, especially after years of donning the “hospitality smile”, those little wrinkles creeping up on me have got to be told what’s what. My routine has stayed pretty solid for over a year now and I have definitely noticed the benefits from sticking to a few products that you trust, over mixing it up every few weeks and throwing everything on your skin and causing mayhem (literal mayhem)…

My current favourites are completely natural brands that use only a few ingredients in their products which, for someone who reads the labels on everything, is a lovely breath of fresh air.

So let’s get to it:


Undoubtedly one of my favourite products in the world. Well that goes for any brand of coconut oil really, but vita coco somehow has the most delicious natural smell to it. Those that know me, know I pretty much rely on coconut oil for everything life has to offer, so having a tiny tub like this one is absolutely ideal for when you’re on the go. In fact, I have spent a lot of my time transferring coconut oil into little tubs I can take around with me, only to notice (in the summer months) that the tub wasn’t completely air tight and I now have coconut oil on everything I own. Good. So this size is just perfect.


I was given these Lani products as a gift last year and am so glad they came into my life. When you’re in need of a good moisture surge, then these are the bad boys to use. They’re 100% natural and completely vegan which is always an added bonus. If my hair is in need of some TLC then I lather it in the hair oil before I go to sleep and simply wash it out in the morning.
Grab them here:


This is another product I received as a gift and it was so welcomed at a time when I was feeling very stressed and anxious. Before bed and after removing all of my makeup, I simply rub some oil into my hands and press down on my shoulders with the oil. Then I rub a little all around my chest and arms. If you need a good night sleep then this is a god send!
Chill out here:


Okay so this pot of brilliance is definitely something I couldn’t live without (okay I probably could If I tried) but it is stuck in my evening routine and I don’t want it to go away anytime soon. I keep this little pot right next to my bed and every evening I apply a little to my temples and wrists before I start reading- it lulls me into the most incredible sleep!
Join the calm:


I left this one til last because again, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. This has now nudged its way into my morning and evening skincare routine, alongside coconut oil and apple cider vinegar and it’s breaking my heart that I’m almost at the end of the bottle. BUT, it has lasted me a very long time which is fab! After cleansing and toning (with coconut oil and ACV) I simply spray it all over my face and leave it to dry. It is the most refreshing spray I’ve ever come across and the benefits of rose water on your skin are incredible; hydrating and regenerating skin cells.



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