The September Feeling & Setting Goals

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For some reason September really intimidates me. I am already mourning the loss of our longer, lighter and warmer evenings and whilst everyone else seems to be getting excited about wearing jumpers again (who are these crazy people?) I am holding on to all things Summer related.

Perhaps it stems from school and seeing September as the month of new beginnings and fresh starts but I just can’t seem to shake this anxious feeling of what’s to come. I feel like I should be buying new stationery and uniform and discussing the year ahead but instead I am already dreading Christmas and dark months. September also signifies a lot for me, it was the month I first fell in love, it’s been the month I have usually returned from my travels in America and it was the month I lost my best paw pal, so it seems to hold a lot of emotion.

Okay so what am I going to do about this silly old feeling? Why I’m going to make some goals of course! The year in my personal diary in my head runs from September to September (once again, thank you school and society) and we always used to make goals for the academic year ahead in September.

Setting goals for me is something that really grounds me and drives me forward. So often I get lost because I don’t have things to look forward to and I just plod along with life not really knowing what I’m waiting for, but this September I am setting both teeny and huge goals. Would you like to know them? Because I’m going to tell you anyway…

    This always seems to be an ongoing goal for me but I feel like the colder months are the best times to get fit and healthy when you’re covered up in layers and no-one can judge your physique. I once heard a friend describing their sister’s wellbeing to their mother and they said “she’s doing great, she looks really strong”. This is the biggest compliment I believe you can give a woman. So my goal is to get stronger, be it both physically and mentally. I’m also going to push the boat out there and give myself a goal of being able to do a handstand by next September!
    This is a huge one for me as I’ve been living at home for the past 4 years on and off (thank you world for allowing me to travel all around you) but I really believe the only way for me to move forward is to relive those money struggles and adult responsibilities that began when I lived away from home. When I tell people this goal, I have been asked “so are you going to buy?” and I just want to laugh in their face. I may not have my life together in that respect but I also just want to live the poor actor renting life for a while (I’m going to regret saying this).
    This may seem very vague and right now I’m not even sure if I have a “business” but if this last year has taught me anything, it’s that I prefer working for myself and on my own time frame and I’m actually pretty alright at taking photos of food and making things look half edible, so my goal is to pursue this aspect even more, because I pretty much love it!
     As you may be aware, I do class myself as some sort of “actress” and having just recently done a lovely little play at the Etcetera Theatre, I realised how much I enjoy acting and throwing myself into a project. I’m pretty bad at motivating myself to get out and do more acting so I must remind myself how necessary it is to my well being and soul!
  5. TRAVEL:
     I haven’t been able to do much travelling this Summer as it’s been a little crazy and I know that my body yearns for exploration, so I’m setting a goal to see new places and experience new cultures and life. I’m open to recommendations so go go go!

As you can see, these goals are quite massive but I will also be setting myself daily goals, even if it’s finding 5 minutes to stretch and breathe. If you share this same feeling as me, then please let me know… I hate feeling alone in this! Try also to set your own goals for the year ahead. It does bring an element of excitement and if you’re like me then give you something to work towards!




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