My Secrets To A Better Night’s Sleep

At the start of the year I was seriously struggling with my sleep; something I never really thought I would as I am a huge fan. But I spent nights tossing, turning and grinding my teeth, which resulted in carrying even more tension in to my day which then again impacted my sleep- it was a tricky little vicious circle.

I’ve always been a lover of going to bed. Even at university, I would be in bed by 10pm reading with a cup of tea. But as a freelancer, my days take shape in weird ways and I often find myself still working on bits and pieces later into the night and getting anxious about getting enough sleep when I’ve got an early start the next day. It was starting to turn into a vicious circle so I decided to take some action in my bed time routine in a bid to sleep soundly.

So here are a few products I’ve been using to help me drift off. It’s hard to say if they have directly taken affect or if my lack of sleep was down to other underlying issues but either way, these have helped me a little in my routine.

Ashwaganda- Pukka herbs

Sleep spray – Tisserand

Magnesium Spray – Better for you

Magnesium salts – Better for you

Camomile Tea



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